Kay-Goldberg and the personal computer

The essay regarding the personal dynamic was interesting and followed the vein of logic in the wrings by Murray and Manovich in a few ways. One is that all the authors referenced historical media with Kay and Goldberg discussing how media has been around for thousands of years.  Whether it was cave paintings hieroglyphics or clay tablets, humans have used media for a long time (Kay & Goldberg 393). All three authors also predicted future modes of new media. It was quite interesting that Kay and Goldberg discussed the personal dynamic and were developing the Dynabook which is what could be described as the current tablets and small laptop computers that are all the rage. The authors provided many functions of these tablets and referred to it as a “metamedium”. In the conclusion Kay and Goldberg wondered whether catering the Dynabook to everyone would make it collapse from trying to be too many things for too many people (Kay & Goldberg  403). I think the answer to that is no with the proof in the pudding so to speak. The current tablets are so popular as they are multifunctional and have provided such a variety of uses for so many people. They are used for everything that the authors gave examples for and more. I am using one now as I type for class. My daughter is a musician and creates her own music on them and reedits and produces tracks as described in the essay. Of course they have great entertainment value too as people are increasingly watching all of their favorite television shows, movies and even listening to their music with tablets. Increasingly, people no longer need an office and can work from anywhere and anytime by using this metamedia device. It is hard to imagine life now without laptops and notebook computers and pads.

Kay, Alan, & Goldberg, Adele. (1977). Personal Dynamic Media  Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Nick Montfort (Eds.) , The New Media Reader (391-404). Cambridge: The MIT Press


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