An Inherent Danger of New Media

New Media is clearly changing our lives and societies. I would even say that New Media in its many facets is facilitating the development of One Global Society. Some may argue that this is a bad thing, that globalization homogenizes the world so much that negative consequences arise. Just as lack of biodiversity is not good for the ecological world. It is my opinion that overall it is a good thing. You may be familiar with ARAB spring. Although the violence that has ensued is horrific, the positive is that people used new media platforms to educate themselves, organize, and oppose repressive regimes. An inherent danger though is that just as the people have organized in this fashion repressive governments can use these same technologies to oppress. Take a moment to read the article at the attached link below.

Maybe the Most Orwellian Text Message a Government’s Ever Sent

In the Ukraine, the government was able to geolocate who was near a protest by using cell phone data. The government then sent out a mass text message to all of these users.

So just as this new media is incredibly useful and rapidly becoming entwined into our very existence, governments or even the unscrupulous can use these platforms for oppression, harassment, or criminal activity. We must take care when embracing the extremely rapid deployment of new media technologies.




3 thoughts on “An Inherent Danger of New Media”

  1. I really like the change of themes…the feel is much more “modern” and looks more appropriate for the topic of new media. I noticed that you mentioned ARAB spring in one of your posts. I am not familiar with it; a link to some material on that topic may be a good idea in the future when you have a chance.
    I really liked the link to the “Orwellian text message” article. I read George Orwell’s 1984 not too long ago, and the text message seems to be right out of that book. Those protesters…I wonder if the next text they get will be a message summoning them to “Room 101”.

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