An Inherent Danger of New Media

New Media is clearly changing our lives and societies. I would even say that New Media in its many facets is facilitating the development of One Global Society. Some may argue that this is a bad thing, that globalization homogenizes the world so much that negative consequences arise. Just as lack of biodiversity is not good for the ecological world. It is my opinion that overall it is a good thing. You may be familiar with ARAB spring. Although the violence that has ensued is horrific, the positive is that people used new media platforms to educate themselves, organize, and oppose repressive regimes. An inherent danger though is that just as the people have organized in this fashion repressive governments can use these same technologies to oppress. Take a moment to read the article at the attached link below.

Maybe the Most Orwellian Text Message a Government’s Ever Sent

In the Ukraine, the government was able to geolocate who was near a protest by using cell phone data. The government then sent out a mass text message to all of these users.

So just as this new media is incredibly useful and rapidly becoming entwined into our very existence, governments or even the unscrupulous can use these platforms for oppression, harassment, or criminal activity. We must take care when embracing the extremely rapid deployment of new media technologies.




Why New Media

New Media is becoming entwined with our modern existence. This blog is set up to explore new media and experiment with using different types of new media platforms. These experiments and assignments will help me to become a better user of New Media.

New Media

TechnicalNew media is defined as the new medium contemporary society uses to communicate thoughts and ideals, debate and compromise, conduct business and market products, and encourage development and innovation. The platform for new media, computers and internet, has had a profound global impact. This platform has facilitated exponential innovation and development in government, commerce, the arts and socialization. New media is a nonlinear interactive system encouraging thought and innovation far beyond what was imagined. Murray’s “Inventing the Medium”, contrasts two viewpoints based on the engineering mind and the artistic or humanitarian driven mind and illustrates how earlier thoughts from these two viewpoints predicted and shaped the new medium into what it is today. Engineers helped shape the complexities of the computational aspect of this medium to yield the technological aspect of what we have today. The humanity mind set ballooned intellectual and artistic expression upon this medium. Societal unification blossomed from this platform. New media forever changing the way we interact and view the world, has allowed us to strike down geographic, cultural, even linguistic barriers. The fragmented societies are shrinking to one global society. New media offers the opportunity of interactive governance, creating a global moral and humanitarian collective.